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looking for glamorous and fuller-looking lips without the use of lip injections?

Derol Lip plumper set offers all you need without the use of needles. Using only natural ingredients.

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Get the best Lip maximizer to boost your confidence

24 Hours Care: Derol provides you with a 24-hour skincare solution for lip plumping. Its two components, ginger, and mint are perfectly combined with Vitamin E & Collagen. Your lips will feel plump and fuller during the day thanks to the ginger essence. Your lips will also be glossier and more vibrant with the addition of this essence. During the night The mint extract repairs your lips while you sleep.

Derol lip plumper day and night

Derol lip plumper features

  • Fuller, stronger, healthier lips: The combination of ginger, mint, collagen, and vitamin E works extravagantly to reduce chapping, cracking, peeling and other symptoms associated with chapping lips.  Healthy and moisturized lips for all seasons!
  • Visible results, Extra plump: In as little as 14 days, the Derol lip enhancer serums will give you fuller, plumper lips. It takes as little as 30 seconds to see visible results and 14 days to reach its full potential. They are waterproof and touch-proof. For plumper, healthier look, leave behind chapsticks and lip glosses!

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  • Multi-Functional: The daytime lip enhancement can be used as a primer or gloss, and then you can add your favorite lipstick colors to make your lips pop! You can also use the night-time lipstick care during relaxation to ensure your lips are well-nourished all day round.
  •  Maximize your lips in the most natural way. : The plumping lip serum have cooling and tingling lips effects that ensure your lips are rejuvenated with natural ingredients. 
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  • How to use Derol lip plumper?
    It can be used as a base to prime to smooth and increase the volume of your lips before you add color. You can also use derol lip plumping serum over lipsticks for some shine and a plumping effect. It can be used as an all-in-one treatment for intensive lip care. This can be applied in the morning, before, or after your makeup.
    RECOMMENDATIONS: Use the Mint the first night and then the Ginger the next day. For better results, use it repeatedly. For more vibrant and shiny colors, you can use Derol in conjunction with your favorite lipstick.

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Get 30 days guarantee on the Derol lip plumper set if you buy the product from our official website. We trust our Derol lip plumping serum to give you the plump it promises. We offer a complete refund, no questions asked, if you aren’t completely satisfied with the product.

Our After-sale service is quick and very professional. You won’t have to wait for hours before you can reach our support team. We are available to assist you by email all week round

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derol lip plumper
Derol Lip plumper Official | Plumping Lip Serum