Derol Lip Plumper Reviews 2022 : Does It Really Work?

Derol lip plumper reviews day and night

My Honest Derol Lip Plumper Reviews (Before and After Results)

I love the look of fuller lips when they are hydrated and have the perfect pinky color.

I have tried several lip-plumping glosses that were fun and tingly. They make my lips sparkle and add a little more shine to them.

My teenage daughter loves lip grooming so when she saw a viral TikTok about Derol lip plumper, which costs about $13.95, she sent me the link. I told her to order it ASAFP.

After watching the videos, I was eager to try Derol lip maximizer. It was one thing that I was hoping would work as the TikTok-ers claimed, but it’s also something I want to test out for myself.

My daughter and I both tried the little capsules out as soon as we had them in our hands. It felt instantaneously. The sensation went from a gentle tingle like other lip plumpers to a full-blown spice-fest on my lips.

Although it’s not actually painful, the sensation is close to a stinging sensation. If you’re looking into the mirror, you’ll probably not mind the pain after seeing the results.

We all do some things, like waxing our upper lips, getting bikini waxes and lip fillers, Botox, and giving birth to real human beings.

It’s worth the intense tingling in exchange for your juicy lips, right?

After trying Derol Lip plumper set out a few times with my daughter, here are my thoughts and suggestions:

  1. Use a lot of lip plumper. If you want your lips to look fuller and redder, don’t be afraid to use a lot of derol plumping lip serum.
  2. Apply to your lips, and around your natural lip line. This is what I believe makes your lips appear fuller. The elixir actually penetrates the skin around your lips, making them appear fuller. That’s the whole point.
  3. This is a great deal for the price. It looked like I had lip fillers. I also think it’s a great product to use with my teenage daughter. She wants lip fillers but I keep saying no.
  4. Lip oil and plumper leave my lips feeling hydrated for a long time which I love. The puffiness goes away after 4-6 hours so I recommend reapplying about five minutes before you run into your ex or take a selfie.
  5. I love the fact that derol lip plumping oil  contains natural products such as ginger extract and vitaminE.

Derol will give you slightly swollen lips that are very shiny. If you are able to tolerate the tingle, it’s fun and makes a big difference. It can be used alone, and then you can add your favorite color to create a dramatic effect. But, as I said, make sure to outline your lips with the product.

Derol Lip Plumper Before and after

To give you an idea about my lips without the lip plumper, the picture below is me before I used it.

Derol lip plumper before

Below is a picture of me after I used the plumper and waited a few minutes for the sensation to kick in

Derol lip plumper after

As you can see the results are astonishing. if you’d like to order this is their official website from where my daughter has made the order.

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